Staying Strong

Hey again, Well, it’s been two months since I’ve posted my last post. Although I would like to say that I really wanted to post, I really didn’t, which is bad, I guess. One thing I can say in the past two months is that not a lot of amazing things happened, at least things I’ve […]

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Well it’s been a good week since I’ve posted anything. But starting a blog has allowed me to take in everything I feel, see, do, or what other people do more deeply. More importantly, to put things into perspective. What I’ve really learned about myself for a very long time but have just noticed is […]

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Loneliness I would say can be soothing for some people or depressing, depending on your perspective. For me loneliness has always been an issue as it has always lowered my self-confidence. Some people make time out of their day to be by themselves and reflect on their life while others don’t. Some people, like myself, […]

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What I find difficult with starting a blog is finding something to talk about. The reason for this is because everyday of our lives, we’re expected to say or do things that are accepted by society or that won’t make us look bad in front of our friends, family, co-workers, school mates, and even strangers. At […]

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The Beginning

My first blog, my first post. This is something new for me but I’m hoping it becomes an outlet for me. You know, make it become something I can express my feelings, my thoughts, my dreams, basically anything without worrying about having someone say something about me or putting myself down. My entire life I’ve felt […]

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